How To Build Your WordPress Website

How To Build Your WordPress Website

In this article, I am going to discuss “How to build your WordPress website” basically from the scratch for showing to beginner without any knowledge of coding, its just simple by drag and drop copy and paste and by simple editing within hour.

Here is complete step by step guide with images, just follows as it is to create a perfect and fully functional website.

You can start creating a blog by free options of wordpress and eblogger but, they are not that much effective and fully functional. It’s my advice you to have own website to make money with full control.

Anyone easily build a website just by following steps below and its very effective in generating passive income just by few hours daily work.  It just cost you around Rs1200 – 1400 per year and few skills which can be learned easily. And, it makes you earn life long as passive income.


To create a perfect and fully functional website, one has to follow these step by step guides below. Just make sure to complete previous one before moving to next.

  1. Getting domain and hosting plan and Installation of WordPress Using Namecheap.
  2. Installation and customizing of theme .
  3. Collecting required Plugins and Installing them.
  4. Creating pages, adding menus and Widgets.
  5. Create contact form and setting Opt-in form


Getting domain and hosting plan and Installation of WordPress Using Namecheap.

Getting domain and hosting and installation has discussed in details in other article click here to and follow the steps as it is.

Installation and customizing of theme:

There are many free themes available on internet to install but the theme should have certain qualities like mobile friendly nature, responsiveness, Breadcrumb for SEO, Stylish Header and Footer, Speed loading, Fully Customizable and it should be compatible with major browsers.

So it is advisable to go for Premium theme which you need to purchase and if you like to move on with free themes then you need check for my collection of Top 5 Free Multipurpose theme which have all the above qualities more or less similar to that of premium themes.

Check Top 5 free Multipurpose themes which suitable for many purpose mostly to design any kind of website.

Here I am moving further with Ocean WP free Multipurpose theme which is second option in top 5 to follow me just download free theme and its one click demo import from above.

After download theme zip file and one click demo import zip file come to WordPress dashboard to upload it.  From Appearance < theme < option will be to upload the theme and activate it and theme will recommend you some plugins which support it, you need to be installed and activate it for smooth functioning of theme.

Then go to plugins option and upload plugins by click add new and upload the demo import zip file.


how to build your wordpress website

After installing demo plugin Just go to theme panel as shown below to install Demos option and choose what type of website you need to make, preview them before import data and settings.

Select and import Demo data, but before that you need to install the Elementor plugin from recommended plugins.

So that it must import all images along with demo data  if it fail to import then use this plugin WordPress Database Reset to reset the data by deleting previous import data and import new one to add all content.

It will going to import all pages and demo blogs contents and images. Just you need to replace images with your images and demo data with your data.

How to build your WordPress website

Ok fine, you have demo content now on your website to look at it just click Home symbol from top bar and make analysis what you need to change and how your website must look like.

Now go to Setting <Reading< static page< set home page as front page and post page as blogs page and save changes. And go to Settings < permalinks< and change it to post-name and save.

Now go to Pages< Add New and Edit the home page with Elementor in there every section will have four options edit, Duplicate, add or delete.

Simply you click Duplicate the section and in second duplicate you play around with different editing options so if anything wrong happen just delete it you have original with you If you need any further help go to YouTube to watch video related to it.

After you done with it now Click customize option in Appearance and go to other settings of it and set all one by one and look website for change happening after saving it.

Go to to create a logo and upload to media and then at logo site. Similarly reduce it size by using Microsoft office picture manager to small size and upload at favicon.


How to build your WordPress website

Collecting required Plugins and Installing them:

Top 15 recommended plugins collections had made to build effective and fully functional website on WordPress. Go through there details here and install them.

Creating pages, adding menus and Widgets:

The Pages has been created by demo content and menu also but it need to be change as per our requirement.

Go to Appearances < Menu and remove which don’t need and add from side bar. First create the page or category which you need in menu from Pages < Add New then it will show in left side bar to select from.

Here also you can move above or below and select where to show this menu either on Top or main menu or at footer at bottom select and save changes.  You can add Disclaimers and private policy at footer menu to show at bottom of ever page.

To create disclaimer just visit show submit details and get data just copy and Add new page by name disclaimer and paste the content and publish. Now select it from left sidebar and add to footer menu save changes.

Create social media pages like Facebook and twitter and add there url to social ions which may be at header or footer part depending on your demo content.

Now go to widgets from Appearances as shown below here you just drag and drop things to your side bar from available widgets and you can add or remove or edit them as you like.

You must select the layout where to show sidebar in customize settings. If it appears by default in blogs page then its OK or else make changes. Generally home don’t show sidebar if you need, you can set it in layout.

How to build your WordPress website

Create contact form and setting Opt-in form:

The contact page has been create by demo but you need to delete it now and after deleting install a plugin by named contact form 7 that it will add page by it self just edit it. In case of any help go to YouTube for details and settings.

Now you need to create a Mailchimp account with your email account of website which you might have created in first step of Domain and hosting.

There you need to create a list for your visitors emails collection. After creating a list go to signup form as shown below and select Embedded form < super slim and copy the code from there and past it in note pad.

Now that can be use this in post or pages where ever as you like or just copy of action form from it which is just a link in between codes you can find it between two inverted commas something this below, carefully copy and paste it in sidebar Mailchimp form action option as shown below in last images.

(” //”)


How to build your WordPress website
How to build your WordPress website
How to build your WordPress website

Now time has come to finally to give a testing for what you have created till now. First you need to remove all other demo data like blogs and unwanted material came along with demo.

Go to website and type any other mail and submit it that must go to Mailchimp list. And similarly go to contact form and submit details and you should get mail in your inbox.

Create a Autoresponder emails for your visitor in Mailchimp. Now you need to Activate other recommended plugins like Yoast SEO, others and create a backup with Duplicator.

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