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Make Money Online without Investment

Welcome to our website which discuss about Make money online without investment in India.

How about earning few extra bucks per months? It’s awesome right. We opted to many ways in getting extra bucks like over time at jobs, part time jobs and other incomes sources. As a cost of living increases, the need of getting extra income increases!

Here is our website which educates you about having some extra bucks in legitimate ways by spending your 2 – 3 hrs at home in free time.

Our website does not shows any “Quick money making scheme” but, shows ways to get paid by working on few genuine websites without investing money.

Anyone can make money online either a student, job seeker or housewives. Just by having some skills of typing and knowledge of internet usage.

Basic needs for making money online:

For making money online, you need to have following things.

  • PC or Laptop with the internet connection to it.
  • Basic internet knowledge to operate.
  • Gmail account and mobile number.
  • Bank account
  • Pan card (for Indians) to open PayPal account.
  • Willing to spend 3 – 4hrs on work.

How to get paid online?

Getting paid online is with trusted platforms like PayPal, Payza, and Bitcoin wallets will be done depending on which website are you working with. Most of them will use PayPal as a payment option. So, we need to create a PayPal account before starting with any of this online platform. Just go through Youtube video tutorial here, to set up accounts.


Make money online by PTC and GPT sites:

Many websites available on the internet, to register and make money online by reading their advertisements for 10 to 30 seconds and some of them will pay you for taking a small surveys and watching videos on them.

Websites like Clixsense, Swagbucks, NeoBux, and others.

But to be frank they don’t provide income, what we actually need!

It’s always good to have something than nothing. So, go for it and make money from home without investment.

Start now.   Click Here


Make money online by Solving Captcha:

Here you can make money online by solving Captcha. It’s simply Data Entry job that can provide you income source by registering with them and start working.

There will pay you on, no of words solved and income depends on your typing skills and accuracy.

Chance of earning is good if your typing speed is 30 words per min. If not, then also you can make the fair amount.

Websites like 2Captcha, Megatypers (use invitation code: DBKE if needed) and others.

Start solving Captcha now  Click Here.


Make money online by Writing  job:

Many websites will pay you for writing an article of their customers.  If you’re confident in writing part then its good option for you to make some serious money out of it.its good option for you to make some serious money out of it.

Some article will pay $2 to $40 and some will pay $50 for accepted post on Toptenz and iwriter.  But, obviously, they demand grip on grammar and writing skills.

If you want to take writing as a carrier then you start as a standard writer in carrier then you start as a standard writer in iwrite and writerbay. Start now


Make money online by Freelancer job:

Some websites provide freelancing jobs like get paid for service that anyone can do depending on skills there have. For example, one individual is skilled in design website can find job to be done from projects in freelancer’s website and get paid. Similarly, no of projects with different skills requirement will be posted.

Anyone can choose a project and work on it and when do get paid by clients. Many individuals have opted to full -time freelancing jobs and getting good earning from it.


Make money online by Vlogs of Youtube:

Select an interesting topic to start a Youtube channel, make the videos and upload. Getting the audience to subscribe the channel depends on topic on which it made.

The income comes from no of viewers and ads on them. To know more click here.

For the five following ways you need to have own blog or website. It’s very easy to make own website, go to namecheap  and pick up suitable domain name and basic hosting plan and watch video and follow exactly to make website step by step, just like that.

Pick up your domain name and hosting plan here with namecheap; Click here

For creating of website follow the steps from this article; Click here.


Make Money Online by Affiliation Marketing:

First of all, what is affiliated marketing? When your website affiliated marketing? When your website have 1000 – 10,000 users then, just has to join with affiliated programs. Start by finding a product for which you like to promote on your website. If user resonates with your promotion and purchases products by your website, then you will be getting commissions like 10%, 15% depending on product. This process looks lengthy but, once started it will generate passive money thought out, only need is to maintain it.product. This process looks lengthy but, once started it will generate passive money thought out, only need is to maintain it.

Where can I find these programs?

Clickbank – offers high payout and no of the good product to promote.

Flipkart – offers various categories of products you can choose.

Amazon – too offers affiliated payout, with a good range of products.


Make Money Online by Google Adsense:

Google adsense will give you a code to run advertising to your website when signing up with it.

Depending on what type of content of your website has their run similar ads on them and you will get paid as someone click on them.  You may get $.5 to $5 depending on clicks; however, your website must have enough visitors per month.

Google adsense will follow strict rules so, that make sure that your website must compile with them to get approved.


Make money online by selling ads Space:

When your website has number of visitors per month then it will be an option to sell an ads space to companies that looking for ads space to companies that looking for sponsor from different blogs. You will get paid by no of visitors go through ads on your website.

Here you can make money online depends on traffic getting on the website and it increases with increasing of visitors on the website and the good thing is you can fix the price to your space to ads.

If your website is with good traffic them you must try Buysellads. I have not tried yet, but it should be a good alternative.


Make Money Online  by selling your own ebook:

This is not easy way because writing your own ebook ebook require a lot of hard work and dedication.  But, it is an effective way to generate income.

There is no middle person to share your income; you can directly sell your product to a customer.  Here you will face a no of problems such as payment gateway, delivery of products and other.


Make money online by Building an Email list:

By collecting an email of your subscriber you can create a long term money making online enterprise.

Offering the visitors great information and creating a relationship with followers will make you start in this way of building full-fledged profitable blogger.

One must not abuse to followers to make fast money, here we must try to convert the strange visitor to loyal blog reader to build a community.

To create email list use Mailchimp Autoresponder to send email on your behalf and to maintain visitors.

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